Death is never the end of a story. It is simply the beginning of a new chapter however the book may soon be closed on everyone if they fail their quest. A mighty evil thought destroyed long ago is stirring in the outer realms. It is felt most strongly through the heavens and hells while only the most astute of the inhabitants of the central planes have felt the disturbance. This entity pulls on the edges of the planes and without action it will consume all of the planes leaving only the nether. However there is hope! Atha, the guardian tasked with the safety of the planes is assembling the most powerful heroes the multiverse can produce to face this oncoming threat Now you as the champions of the realms must find a way to fight together and slay the evil or be sundered and fall.

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1. I plan on Atha mostly recruiting heroes who have died so it is encouraged you play someone who has died. (that means you can also play a character from any other campaign who died!) If you would rather be a planar traveler, planar gatekeeper, or member of Hosthold then you can do that as well.

2. It is preferable that you play a character that took heroic actions or was seen as powerful in someway. If you want to be a more random character Atha also considers people with great destiny to be worth bringing on.

3. Characters are to start at level 10 and may be any race or class.

4. I’m willing to discuss special feats to give to characters if you find anything weird you want to do.

The Planes